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The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire at 44 BC
at the death of Caesar

Inheritance of Cyrenaica - 96 BC
Creation of the Province of Gallia Cisalpina - ca. 81 BC
Inheritance of Bithynia - 74/75 BC
Pompey drives military road across Alps at Mont Genevre to support war against Sertorius in Spain - 70's BC
Creation of joint province of Creta and Cyrenaica - 66 BC

Effects of Spanish Wars
continued expansion of Spanish provinces of Hispania Citerior and Ulterior

Effects of Pompey's Eastern Campaign
Conquest of Pontus - 66 BC
Annexation of Syria - 64 BC
Creation of joint province of Bithynia and Pontus - 64 BC

Annexation of Cyprus 58 BC

Effects of Caesar's Gallic Campaign
Conquest of Gaul and creation of the provinces of:
Aquitania, Celtica and Belgica - 51 BC