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The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire at 14 AD
at the death of Augustus

Effects of Civil War between Augustus and Antoninus & Cleopatra
Annexation of Egypt - 30 BC

Creation of Achaea, including Epirus (separated from Macedonia) - 27 BC

Reorganization of provincial borders in Gaul - 27 BC
Belgica and Aquitania re-sized, Celtica henceforth known as Lugdunensis, creation of 'military zones' of Germania Superior and Inferior

Galatia annexed - 25 BC

Effects of Spanish Wars
complete control of Spain gained
Hispania Citerior henceforth is known as (Hispania) Tarraconensis - 25 BC
Hispania Ulterior is split into provinces of Baetica and Lusitania - 13 BC

Effects of Alpine Campaigns
Alpine passes cleared of hostile tribes and bandits - 15/14 BC Creation of the province of Alpes Maritimae - 14 BC
Creation of the Province of Alpes Poeninae et Graiae - 14 BC (although possibly as late as Claudius)
'Cottian' Alps left under allied tribal chief, King Cottius

Effects of Danubian Campaigns
Conquest of Raetia - 15 BC
Conquest of Noricum - 16 BC
Conquest of Pannonia - 12 BC
Conquest of Moesia - some when prior to AD 6

Annexation of Judaea - AD 6

Effects of German campaign
German territories (Germania Magna) pacified as far as the Elbe AD 5, but abandoned in light of the
disastrous defeat of three legions in AD 9