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The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire at 100 BC

Changes effected by Second Punic War:
Conquest of Syracuse, complete control of Sicily - 211 BC
Conquest of Carthaginian Spain - 206 BC
Creation of Hispania Citerior (Nearer Spain) - 197 BC
Creation of Hispania Ulterior (Further Spain) - 197 BC

Conquest of Macedonia - 148 BC
Conquest of Greece, incorporated into Macedonia - 146 BC
Conquest of Carthage, creation of province of Africa - 146 BC
Inheritance of the kingdom of Pergamum (Province of Asia) - 133 BC (129 BC)
Conquest of Illyricum (possibly incorporated into Macedonia at first) - 129 BC
Conquest of Balearic Islands, incorporated into Hispania Citerior - 123 BC
Conquest of Gallia Transalpina (Narbonensis) - 121 BC
Conquest of Cilicia - 102 BC