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I was e-mailed some time ago by Slitherine Software who wanted to let the world know about a new strategy game of theirs they are programming - 'Legion'.
Their game has since been coming a long nicely it seems. The screenshot looking ever more impressive.
'Legion' appears to contain maps of Italy and Gaul on which the player acts out scenarios from Roman history, be it that one is battling various Italian tribes, fending off invading Gauls, or the conquest of Gaul itself.

The all-important resources necessary for victory in the game are food, wood and iron. (Textiles, which were originally included, have now been abandoned as a resource.)
The player might be confronted with up to 20 parties controlled by the computer at the same time.

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The towns generate resources and the act as recruitment centres for your armies. What resources they are best at producing much depends on the terrain they are in. And it appears possible to fine-tune the production of towns in any given area to suit the player's needs best.

Given these settings, certain towns can become of strategic importance, further adding realism to the gameplay.

From what I understand the player is giving the option of tactically positioning his units before any battle commences.

The military units so far defined for the game are:
The Legion as a main heavy infantry fighting body.
The Praetorians as an elite infantry.
The Auxilia as a lighter fighting force, better suited for difficult terrain.
The Cavalry as a fast mobile auxiliary force.
The Velites as a skirmishing force, especially for difficult mountainous terrain.

Many more troops types are still to be completed. Mainly though these will be enemies the Roman forces will be facing, or mercenaries who'll be up for hire.

Catapults are not planned for the game, but may be considered for future versions.

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Over time I hope to learn more of this game's progress and will update this page accordingly.

Currently their plan is to have the game released in spring 2002, but nothing is definite yet.
For more info on the game, check out http://www.slitherine.co.uk/Legion/Legion.htm.
Should you want to let them know your opinions, the Slitherine e-mail address is info@slitherine.co.uk.

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