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This doorway is made to make searching for the pictures on this easier for those people who primarily are seeking to find illustrations.


Portraits of emperors, leaders, dignitaries and foes of the Roman empire.

The Republic
The Republic Gallery
The Early Emperors
The Early Emperors Gallery
The Decline
The Decline Gallery
The Decline 2
The Decline Gallery 2
The Decline 3
The Decline Gallery 3
The Collapse
The Collapse Gallery
Constantinople Gallery


Pictures of the Roman Army's soldiers, equipment, etc.

Roman Army
Roman Army


Sites of ruins and buildings and monuments. Also some models and drawings among them.

Tour of Rome
The Empire
Tour of the Empire
Tour of Italy

The Roman Pantheon (the Gods)

A list of Roman gods with buttons to pictures of statues and relief depictions of the deities.

The Pantheon
The Roman Pantheon

Roman Dress (Clothes)

A page on Roman dress, including pictures of Roman and Byzantine clothes.

Roman Dress
Roman Dress


The popular interactive maps of this website.

The Empire
Legionary Equipment
Legionary Equipment
Legionary Equipment