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Roman Reenactment Event
Caerleon, Summer 2000
pictures by Scott Coombes

Here are some more pictures sent in by Scott Coombes on the back of his article, showing us some of the Roman ruins of Caerwent and Caerleon.

Roman Caerleon & Caerwent
Roman Caerleon and Caerwent

In the summer of 2000 a reenactment event was held there, including the Ermine Street Guard (Legio...) and some gladiatorial reenactors from Italy. Shown here are some of the pics Scott took at the event.

R0003-2.jpg - 39318 Bytes
An impressive array, showing the Ermine Street Guard (and I believe several other reenactment groups) in a line up, being barked at by a centurion.

R0007-2.jpg - 32447 Bytes
Lined up for a march, their standard bearers and trumpeters at the front. Note the imaginifer (closest to the camera), bearing the standard with the image of the emperor.

R0004-b.jpg - 39285 Bytes
And off they march !

R0002-2.jpg - 32266 Bytes
The legionaries however were not the only ones doing a bit of marching about. So too a troop of auxiliaries were there to fight off any invading tourists. Spot the soldier with a pointy helmet at the back: a lone Syrian archer.

tortoise-1.jpg - 30528 Bytes
But marching was not all they did. In a disaply in Caerleon's amphitheatre they demonstrated their skill. Here: the famous tortoise formation of the Roman army, the testudo.

wedge-1.jpg - 35443 Bytes
And here that dangerous attack formation, designed to break enemy lines, the wedge.

gladiators-2.jpg - 24310 Bytes
And now for some gladiators. To pretty menacing looking fellows here. On the left it's a hoplomachus (almost identical to the famous Samnite gladiator, except for the size of his shield). The fighter on the right may well be another hoplomachus, just sporting another style of helmet.

Glad6-2.jpg - 26297 Bytes
Here two gladiators in combat with a referee watching on. To me it looks like a classical contest between a retiarius, a fighter with net and trident, and a hoplomachus.

Glad10-b.jpg - 37362 Bytes
A whole host of gladiators spreading out across the arena. A look toward the edge of the areana reveals that the Roman soldiers also seem to have brought their catapults with them. Various ballista catapults line the arena and at the very bottom of the picture a very powerful looking onager catapult.

Another big 'thank you' to Scott for sending me these pictures.
The Webmaster