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Colonia Flavia Scupi in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
by Misko Sterjov, Photos by Maja Janevska.

Misko Sterjov journalist at Dnevnik, a daily newspaper in FYR Macedonia sent in some wonderful pics taken by the newspaper's photoreporter Maja Janevska and supplied some useful information with the help of the newspaper's culture department.

Excavation work on Colonia Flavia Scupi started recently and the archaeologists are working on a small proportion of the city buried only 20 cm under ground.
So far they've excavated a beautifully preserved stone avenue and the remains of several houses.

Scupi began as a legionary camp (possibly housing the 5th Macedonian and/or 4th Scythian) with the soldiers building a considerable settlement for themselves. Most likely Roman army veterans began to settle there, while the army was still based at Scupi, but once it left northward to take up base at the Danube, local inhabitants (possibly from the nearby ancient town of Stobi) joined them, moving into the abandoned army base.
Under the Flavian emperors Scupi was granted municipal status, essentially entitling it to run its own affairs. Scupi prospered and seemed to become a city of some prestige. Although it suffered under the Gothic ravages of the 3rd century.
In the 4th century once again the city prospered, - it served briefly as the headquarters of emperor Theodosius. But with the 5th century barbarian raids returned and, alas, in 518 AD a devastating earthquake destroyed it.

Many thanks to Misko Sterjov, Maja Janevska and everyone at Dnevnik who helped with this article.